Josiah Graham is a painter that’s also a functioning
alcoholic. Josiah must face the demons of his past
and his addiction in order to have a successful
and bright future.
Feature Production Schedule:
February- June 2019

The Dark Ages

A recent graduate faces the harsh realities of the
real world. As she maneuvers through life she
wonders if getting her degree was a blessing or a
Release Date: March 26, 2020

The Black Vote

In the year of 2020 there was a wave of civil unrest,
comprising protest and riots, against systemic
racism towards black people in the United States. It
was also the year of one of the most important
Presidential elections in history. With so much
unjust and discrimination, the Black community
seems to be a little confused about the importance
of voting.


A wise & righteous man’s discernment is tested when his life
intertwines with spirits of waywardness.
Production Dates: March 2021-Dec. 2021
Seasons is a drama series that follows Solomon and
Nicole’s relationships as they chase their dreams,
and grow to maturity through their desires, pains,
and triumphs as individuals and as a couple. Think
intimacy , tenderness, true affection, real trust, and
the spiritual journey of sustaining.